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Dojima Nanako
19 January
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Character: Nanako Dojima
Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Version: Video Game; Post-game (True Ending)
Age: 8
Gender: Female

Appearance: Being a child, Nanako is small in stature, about 4 feet tall, and weighs 60 lbs. She dresses in pastel colored clothes, usually pinks, light reds, and whites, and is always in a dress or skirt. Her eyes are wide and brown, and her hair is also a brown color, and curled at the tips. Nanako always ties it back with pink ribbon in two low pigtails.

Personality: The epitome of innocence, Nanako is probably one of the sweetest kids you could hope to meet. She greets you with a smile, is nice and polite, and tends to care deeply for those around her. She is a bit shy around people she doesn't know at first, but once she opens up to you, she's as cheerful as can be. She loves cute things, like stuffed animals, and also loves Junes, a large shopping complex that opened in Inaba before the time the game takes place. It's not uncommon for her to sing the Junes jingle whenever it's mentioned. She also likes to watch television quite a bit, mostly game shows.

Nanako's youth and naivete lead her to not always understand what's going on when it comes to more 'adult' matters; when her father and the protagonist have intense discussions, she often asks if they're fighting. Despite her upbeat attitude, Nanako does have certain things she can get depressed about, mainly her mother's death and her dad's hectic work schedule. However, she has no trouble bouncing back, and actually has quite a bit of inner strength for someone her age.

Fears: One of Nanako's bigger fears (though at this point, it's not eating at her like it used to) is her father preferring his job over spending time with her. She also now has a bigger fear of being kidnapped due to events that happened to her near the end of the game (see history). Of course, since she is a child, she also has a fear of ghosts, monsters, and other 'scary' things.

Weaknesses: Nanako's natural weakness is her youth. She's not very strong at all physically, plus she suffers from an illness (though the specific illness is never specified in the game). Also, due to her innocent state of mind, the more 'adult' aspects of life leave her confused, or she misinterprets them.

Strengths/Abilities: Due to the fact it's just her and her dad in the house, Nanako does most of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning in the house. Her emotional strength and resilience are two of her most redeeming qualities. Nanako, despite her age, is rather self-reliant, having no choice but to be after her mother's death, her father's career demanding most of his time.

History: It's April 11, 2011. In the small rural town of Inaba, a young man named Souji Seta has come to live with his uncle, Ryotaro Dojima, and his daughter, Souji's cousin Nanako. Nanako is, at first, very quiet and withdrawn around the teenage boy, almost afraid of him. Eventually, she opens up to him, eventually calling him 'Big Bro'. As she talks with Souji, he learns about her mother's death, and her father's reoccurring absences due to his job as a detective with the police department. Over the year, he eventually helps her understand her father's busy professional life, and Nanako realizes that he also misses her mother as much as she does.

Souji keeps secret from both Nanako and his Uncle about the activities of him and his group of friends; mainly, the fact they formed an "investigation team", and are trying to find a serial killer that's been shaking up the small, simple life of Inaba, sending the residents into fear. He and his friends all have the ability to summon "Persona", manifestations of their psyche. They also travel to a different world which is accessible by going into a TV to save victims of the killer. Nanako remains blissfully unaware till one evening, when she's kidnapped by a man named Taro Namatame, the supposed lover of the first murder victim. It turns out that after the first two murders (which were committed by Tohru Adachi), he started to 'save' victims by putting them into the TV, after seeing them come out alive. Of course, this was because Seta and his friends pulled them out of the TV world. After getting Nanako free from Namatame's grasp, they attack and defeat his Shadow. After these events, Nanako becomes severely ill, is hospitalized, and eventually dies.

Teddie, one of the members of the investigation team and a denizen of the TV world, was deeply saddened by Nanako's death, and through unknown means, he managed to revive her. Nanako recuperated in the hospital while Souji and his friends pursued and defeated Adachi, and afterward, she was able to come home in time for Christmas, celebrating with her dad, Souji, and the rest of the team.

When it came time for Souji to return to the city, he first took care of some unfinished business; mainly, defeating the god Izanami, who was responsible for everything, from Adachi to the murders to the Midnight Channel. Once she was defeated, the fog cleared from Inaba, revealing bright blue skies, and restored the TV world to its natural beauty. Nanako, Ryotaro,, and the rest of Souji's friends bid him farewell at the train station as he traveled back to the city.

A few months later, one morning, while Nanako was cooking breakfast, she slips and falls. When she opens her eyes, she's no longer in Inaba...

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